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At Ridout Barrett, our professional staff is here to assist you and your business with all of your tax and accounting needs. Not only does our team offer reliable, proactive expertise, but we provide a personalized, strategic approach to your business’s goals.


  • Melanie C. Geist, CPA
    Melanie C. Geist, CPA Managing Shareholder

    (210) 829-1793 x 254

    Melanie C. Geist graduated from the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse School of Accountancy in 1998.  She later received her Master of Taxation from University of Texas in San Antonio in 2003 and obtained her CPA certificate in 2004.  Melanie became a shareholder of the firm in November 2014.

  • Anthony S. Ridout, CPA
    Anthony S. Ridout, CPA Founding Shareholder

    (210) 829-1793 x 212

    Anthony (Tony) S. Ridout received his BBA in Accounting from Southwest Texas State University in 1979.  Upon obtaining his CPA certificate in 1985, Tony opened the firm in 1986.

  • Milton G. Barrett, CPA
    Milton G. Barrett, CPA Shareholder

    (210) 829-1793 x 217

    Milton G. Barrett received his BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas in San Antonio in 1986.  Milton joined the firm in 1988. Upon obtaining his CPA certificate in 1990, Milton became a shareholder of the firm.

  • Kathleen Dvorak, CPA
    Kathleen Dvorak, CPA Shareholder

    (210) 829-1793 x 222

    Kathleen Dvorak attended the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Texas at San Antonio and obtained her CPA certificate in 1988.  Prior to public accounting she spent 15 years in business management.  Kathleen joined the firm in 2004 and became a shareholder of the firm in January of 2011.


  • Sarita Akin
    Sarita Akin
  • Phil Wooten
    Phil Wooten


  • Cristina Baumgardner
    Cristina Baumgardner
  • Mike Fenton
    Mike Fenton
  • Gerald Hill
    Gerald Hill
  • Will Holisky
    Will Holisky
  • Sharon Houghton
    Sharon Houghton
  • Lynda Land
    Lynda Land
  • Veronica Mangiapane
    Veronica Mangiapane
  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore
  • Sherry Rodriguez
    Sherry Rodriguez
  • Taylor Ross
    Taylor Ross

Our Departments


William (Will) J. Holisky, III, CPA, Audit Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 245

Michael Z. Moore, CPA, CCIFP, Audit Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 252

Tax & Business Services

San Antonio

Sarita Akin, CPA, Tax Director
210-829-1793 Ext. 221

Michael C. Fenton, CPA, Tax Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 253

Sharon Houghton, CPA, Tax Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 237

Lynda L. Land, CPA, Tax Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 214


Phil Wooten, CPA, Tax Director
(512) 454-6010 Ext. 302

Veronica Mangiapane, CPA, Tax Manager
(512)-454-6010 Ext. 313

Taylor Ross, CPA, Tax Manager
(512) 454-6010 Ext. 308

Litigation & Valuation

Gerald L. Hill, CPA/CFF, Senior Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 205

Cristina R. Baumgardner, CPA/ABV, CFE, CIA, Manager
210-829-1793 Ext. 201


Sherry Rodriguez, Workflow & Client Relations Manager
(210) 829-1793 Ext. 250

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